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Webparadox a technology company strategically positioned for success through our expertise in engineering, creative design and unique approach to the challenges of process management. In our work, we leverage vast variety of technologies, from cutting edge to conservative, and apply what fits best to the model and projected goals of your business. With offices in United Kingdom, United States and Russia, we are a team of high level professionals ready to address the challenges of your business around the clock.

Why Webparadox?

Why Webparadox?

We are a team of veterans of IT industry with a half of century of combined expertise in software engineering and gaining presence in Western and Eastern European markets. We are equally proficient in classic methodologies as well as cutting edge modern technology. We believe that continuous research of the emerging technologies and thorough analysis of its business value as applied to new development as well as cost of integration with legacy systems are the key to success of our customers and therefore, our own.

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Webparadox offers a broad spectrum of IT services dedicated to move your business forward. We stay on top of the modern technologies and focus to deliver top of the line business solutions for web, mobile and distributed platforms as well as delivering efficient tools for your business. Prominent proponents of agile methodologies applied to software development cycle, we approach each client individually and adapt the best fitting process model to the specific business requirements in order to ensure maximum degree of our stakeholders' awareness and participation at every stage.

...We've been working with Webparadox for a number of years. Their individual approach as well as their original solutions became the deciding factor forging our long term cooperation. And every project is a functional proof that our choice was right...

...We would like to express our gratitude to the company Webparadox for the timely delivery of the quality product and their ability to implement a truely unique solution to a challenging problem...

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Andre Vazhnov

Andre Vazhnov. CTO. Baltimore, MD, USA

With nearly two decades of experience in IT industry and expertise in software architecture and organization of development process, Andre is leading the effort of shaping the company's technical vision within the realm of ever evolving business requirements.

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant. Vice president. London, England, UK

With expertise in advertisement, marketing, sales and client relationship management, Andrey is one of the company's veterans. He is primarily responsible for setting product strategy and managing the growth of the company's client base on Western European market and worldwide.

Mark Mamieff

Mark Mamieff. CEO. Moscow, Russia

Veteran of IT industry. Possesses over two decades of experience in software engineering and optimization. Confidently leads the company to the new achievements through dedication and expertise in business development applied to IT industry on Eastern European and Western markets.

  • Check out our new service!
  • 01.20.2012
  • Deployed new user interface featuring unique design and significantly improved usability and user experience. We hope that having experienced the quality of our services once, you will join the family of our long term customers.
  • SоftPаrtnеrs, the new affiliate partnership system is released.
  • 01.13.2012
  • The result of many years of experience in the field, thorough research and original implementation of optimization algorithms, SоftPаrtnеrs is one of the most competitive solutions to the day that provides stable and formidable revenue to the partners of client's affiliate programs.
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