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Who We AreWho We Are

Webparadox a technology company strategically positioned for success through our expertise in engineering, creative design and unique approach to the challenges of process management. In our work, we leverage vast variety of technologies, from cutting edge to conservative, and apply what fits best to the model and projected goals of your business. With offices in United Kingdom, United States and Russia, we are a team of high level professionals ready to address the challenges of your business around the clock.

Why Webparadox?

Why Webparadox?

We are a team of veterans of IT industry with a half of century of combined expertise in software engineering and gaining presence in Western and Eastern European markets. We are equally proficient in classic methodologies as well as cutting edge modern technology. We believe that continuous research of the emerging technologies and thorough analysis of its business value as applied to new development as well as cost of integration with legacy systems are the key to success of our customers and therefore, our own.


The effort of design and development of mobile device applications is significantly more complex and contains greater number of nuances than a similar one targeting a PC. Nevertheless, we devised an approach that allows us to fit the development effort into a sequence of well-defined stages despite of its complexity, such as strategic and domain analysis, systematization, design, prototyping and development, testing. We involve the stakeholders at every stage and perform thorough analysis of the feedback, which allows us to successfully accomplish the desirable results.

During our existence as a company, we released a large number of applications for our clients, single standing as well as part of the enterprise solutions, fitted to iOS and Android platforms. We developed reference lists, catalogs, libraries of eBooks, database interfaces as well as variety of multiplayer games and leisure utilities. The most significant of our work can be found in "PORTFOLIO" chapter of this website. Currently we are working on a number of projects for the intranet within corporative environment allowing synchronized access to corporate resources by the employees.

It is evident that integration with mainstream mobile platforms, specifically iOS and Android, is an important and significant step in development of a successfull business within the realm of modern markets driven by the speed and agility of information exchange. Professionals of WebParadox will work with you to implement integration solution specifically for your business and budget.



LASERTANK is an addictive game that combines the elements of an arcade and that of a real time strategy.



This application is a great gift to any comics fan. This apllications allows the user to browse through the free versions of new and legacy comic strips as well as extended previews of the future releases. It also features an electronic shop tied up with the variety of payment options providing for a simple 1-click purchase of a selected comic strip.

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